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Why did you make the decision to cancel?
- This decision could not be publicly announced until everything was finalized.
Tennessee has fully opened events back up, but there is still some concern for general safety. Would enough people feel comfortable enough to attend with lingering concerns about covid? While a great number of people are getting vaccinated, we do not feel that herd immunity would be achieved by October 2021 and we did not want to put our community at risk with a full convention. 
In addition, we had a financial responsibility to our venues that would be difficult to achieve if we put a limit on our attendance. In the end, after discussing our options with our partners at the Marriott and Chattanooga Convention Center, we made the decision to cancel this year’s convention. 

Are there new dates?
- Currently, we are working with the venues to try and secure new dates for ASE. We are looking to move to September 2022 or March 2023.
This date change will help with how many other cons have had to move to similar fall dates as our original Halloween one.

I  pre-registered! What will happen with my registration?
- By default, everyone who has pre-registered will have their registration automatically transferred to the new convention dates. We will have more information about pre-registration transfers as soon as we know our new dates.

Can I donate?
Our wonderful charity, Pet Placement Center, has also been hit with the effects of Covid. Any donations would help them out. 
Donations to Pet Placement Center can be made directly to them here:

I paid for my Dealer’s Den table! What happens to that?
- Like with registration, we will default to transferring your table to the new dates. 
I booked a hotel room! Can I get a refund?

- If you have booked a room for 2021, please contact your hotel directly to discuss their room cancellation policies. Unfortunately, ASE cannot help you with getting your room refunded. Because our 2021 room block at the Marriott never opened to the public, any reservations made at the Marriott were made outside of our room block and are therefore not a part of our contract with the hotel. Reservations made at hotels other than the Chattanooga Marriott Downtown are out of our control regardless, as the Marriott is the only hotel we have a partnership with.