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"The Worlds Within"
 The adventure begins
October 25-27, 2019 at The Chattanoogan Hotel!
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Anthro SouthEast (ASE) is an annual convention that takes place in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN. Last year was ASE's first year and we exceeded all expectations. We had 605 attendees and raised an impressive $3,650 for our charity, Pet Placement Center of Tennessee. 

Anthro SouthEast’s goal / mission is to create a safe environment for convention attendees. While ASE’s prime demographic are those of the Anthropomorphic persuasion, ASE welcomes those of other fandoms as well.

Anthro SouthEast 2019: "The Worlds Within" will have a plethora of events including: dance competition, nightly raves, fursuit games, tons of panels and a few surprises! The city of Chattanooga has plenty to offer in addition to ASE’s events, including the Tennessee Aquarium, scenic walking / biking paths, city tours, water tours, and dozens of chain and local only restaurants to choose from.
Please come join us on telegram as we prepare for your arrival! 

 Guest of Honor:


This year Anthro SouthEast has chosen Skulldog to be our guest of honor. She produces breathtaking works of art in all forms of media including: pencil sketches, water color and acrylic. She also specializes in furry comics. Be sure to check her out this year in the dealers den. Also check out her links below. We are very honored to have such a talented artist this year. 

Twitter: @skulldog

Website: www.theskulldog.com

Comics: http://paperfangs.com 

Patreon: patreon.com/skulldog